More Views Than Your Town's Population

Youtube videos can help your small town business reach the world.

Do you want to reach more customers than live in your entire town? Start a YouTube channel! YouTube's incredible reach can take your small business from main street to the main stage.

First, create a free YouTube account and channel for your business. Make it look professional with a banner, profile pic, and description. This is the hub people will subscribe to, so make it look legit.

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Equipment-wise, you can start simple with just a smartphone on a tripod. But invest in a microphone and lighting kit to take things up a notch. Eventually upgrade to a DSLR camera for pro-level production value. Use free editing software like iMovie or Kapwing to produce engaging content.

So what do you make videos about? Here are some proven YouTube video ideas perfect for small rural businesses:

  • Product demonstrations - Show your products/services in action. These help convince buyers.

  • FAQs - Answer common customer questions on video. So helpful.

  • Behind the scenes - Give an inside look at your business processes. It's intriguing!

  • Spotlights on employees - Help audiences get to know your team. It's personable!

  • Customer testimonials - Have satisfied clients share their experiences. This builds credibility.

  • Explainer videos - Create videos explaining how your business works.

  • Vlogs - Share your entrepreneurial journey through video blogs. Be authentic!

Optimize your videos for the YouTube algorithm with strong titles, descriptions, tags, end screens, calls-to-action etc. Make them search-friendly.

Once uploaded, promote your videos on all your platforms. Share on social media, embed in your website and email blasts. Collaborate with influencers in your niche to expand reach.

See which videos perform best and double down on that type of content. Pay attention to audience retention metrics. Refine and iterate over time as you build your YouTube channel and loyal audience.

By consistently posting engaging videos, you can grow your YouTube presence and drive serious exposure for your rural business. Don't be intimidated - just grab your phone and start creating!