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Targeted Taglines: A Small Town Entrepreneur's Guide to Niching Down for Success

Be specific.

As a small town entrepreneur entering the ecommerce marketplace, a targeted, niche-focused tagline is essential for standing out and driving conversions. But how exactly should you craft it? Follow these tips to create a tagline tailored to your ideal customers.

Pinpoint Your Specialty

Start by identifying the core strengths or specialties that set you apart. This gives you the vocabulary to speak directly to the specific needs of your target audience. A specialty could revolve around product type, production methods, location, values, or other differentiators. Just make sure it's something meaningful you can promote consistently.

For example, an ecommerce entrepreneur selling cutting boards might use a specialty like: "We handcraft hardwood cutting boards from sustainable Pacific Northwest forests."

Know Your Target Customer

Once you identify your specialty, get clear on who cares most about it. Define your target audience's demographics, psychographics, values, pain points, and desires. The more you understand what they respond to, the better you can tailor your language and messaging.

Incorporating details like location and age can help. For cutting boards, it could be: “We handcraft hardwood cutting boards for young urban cooks who want to buy sustainable kitchen tools locally.”

Focus on Their Needs

With your audience in mind, ensure your tagline specifically speaks to their wants and needs. Emphasize the core problems your specialty helps them solve or desires it fulfills. People engage when they recognize you understand their goals.

“We handcraft portable hardwood cutting boards designed to fit perfectly in small urban kitchens while meeting the highest sustainability standards.”

Set Yourself Apart

Avoid vague, generic claims that could apply to any business. Instead, be specific about why you stand out. Statistics, unique origin stories, accolades, values, or anything that differentiates you makes a strong inclusion.

“We handcraft hardwood cutting boards from lumber ethically sourced from our family’s sustainably managed Pacific Northwest forest.”

Keep It Simple

A tagline should be concise enough to remember and convey the gist of your specialty. Pick out the most essential details. Flowery language is less important than clarity on what you do and why it's special. If it's too long to fit consistently across channels, prune it down.

"Family-Made Hardwood Cutting Boards Ethically Crafted in the Pacific Northwest."

Consistency Is Key

However you phrase your niche tagline, be sure to use it widely and consistently across your ecommerce platforms, ads, website, content, etc. Repetition builds recognition and trust. Over time it becomes associated with your brand’s identity and specialty.

By taking the time to craft a tagline tailored to their needs, small town ecommerce entrepreneurs can go from generic to sought-after. Just remember: the more precise your specialty and focus on target customers, the better. Use these steps to niche down your tagline and stand out online.