The Ruralpreneur #6 - Flamethrowers and Facebook Ads

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🚿Shower thoughts:

🚗​ Gasoline is still the lease expensive liquid per volume at the gas station.

📱People feel less pain buying a $1,000 phone every couple of years than buying a $1,000 fridge or TV every couple of decades.

❄️The Winter Olympics are actually 100% water sports.

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What 10 Years of Facebook Ads Taught Me About Acquiring Customers

In the longest article I’ve written yet, I’ll tell a bit of my story. It involves growing a screen printing business into a $40 million dollar online personalized sign company. Because my business story is 15 years long, it’s impossible to tell it all just yet. This one is going to share my learnings from over $5 million of spend on Facebook ads which really boil down to one key concept… human-to-human selling.

In this post I’ll share how human-to-human selling, storytelling about the brand's origins, personalized content recommendations, and authentic social media engagement were core to our success. By focusing on genuine connections with customers instead of treating them like numbers, sharing our highs/lows, tailoring communications, and having real interactions on social platforms, we built relationships that drove growth.


Target The Pain Point

The image says it so well, I don’t think I need to say much else.


Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

In small towns and rural areas, there's a change waiting to happen. Michael Gerber's E-Myth idea makes us think: are we just doing day-to-day tasks, or are we planning for bigger things in our business?

Going digital isn't just about using new tools; it's about seeing our business in a new light. With so many resources available, we should ask ourselves: are we just keeping up with the times, or are we using them to our advantage? The E-Myth idea asks every business owner to think about their bigger role and purpose.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Pillippians 4:6