The Ruralpreneur #15 - Are You Aware?

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Are you aware?

If you're looking to grow your small town business online, it’s important to understand where your customers are coming from. The "5 States of Awareness" model by Eugene Schwartz is a simple way to understand this journey.

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Are you ready for the holidays?

As small-town entrepreneurs, you are aware of the challenges faced in a local market, especially as we approach the competitive holiday season. The key to unlocking your business's potential lies in leveraging digital marketing strategies that resonate with your audience. There are a few things you need to work on immediately.

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Whenever you’re ready, there are a few ways I can help you.

Done With You: I can work alongside you to execute marketing efforts and growth strategies.

Done For You: I can fully implement marketing efforts and growth strategies for you.

Coaching: I can help you unlock the knowledge you already have and show you how to use it properly to develop your marketing efforts and growth strategies.

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