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  • The Power of Unconventional Branding: Poop, Death, and Brand Success

The Power of Unconventional Branding: Poop, Death, and Brand Success

Gross, but true.

E-commerce provides tremendous potential for small town businesses, but also intense competition. Unique and unconventional branding is key to stand out. Brands like DUDE Wipes and Liquid Death exemplify the power of embracing bold narratives, even around topics like poop and death.

Some local brands may resist risky branding strategies. Concerns around losing local loyalty, facing backlash, or drifting from tradition can discourage going against the grain. But in the vast e-commerce landscape, memorable and authentic branding is how small town entrepreneurs can create an emotional connection with customers they’ve never met.

The online audience has an appetite for brands that are both genuine and unexpected. Small town businesses already have that built-in signature charm. Combining it with an unconventional approach gives them the edge to be noticed and remembered. It enables buzz and word-of-mouth that transcends geography.

Rather than view e-commerce as uncharted waters, small town entrepreneurs should see it as an opportunity to amplify the essence of what makes their local brand special. The barriers seem high, but the rewards of creative risk-taking are greater. Stepping confidently into online commerce on your own bold terms is how to turn small town pride into global e-commerce success.

Tips for Developing a Bold Brand Voice:

  • Don't be afraid to break from "traditional" notions of your industry or product category. Find unexpected angles that showcase your unique personality.

  • Use humor and irreverence when appropriate. Online audiences connect with lighthearted, fun brand voices.

  • Get personal and conversational in your branding. Tell real stories about your founders, hometown, or customers.

  • Take a stand on issues related to your brand values. Customers align with brands that have a purpose.

  • Don't shy away from branching out into bolder visual branding elements too. Colors, fonts, logos - everything contributes to a bold brand identity.

  • Stay true to your roots. While you want unconventional branding, it still needs to authentically reflect your small town origins.

Maximizing Your Local Charm:

  • Spotlight your hometown and local community in your brand messaging - it's an asset, not something to hide.

  • Share founder stories and team members. Let customers connect with the real people behind the brand.

  • Infuse local nuances into product names, descriptions, and visual branding elements. Celebrate your regional vibe.

  • Collaborate with other businesses or artisans in your town to offer bundles or specialty products.

  • Don't underestimate the value of local partnerships and in-person events as you grow your digital presence.

Bold branding requires bravery, but it unlocks benefits that can rapidly expand a small town business's reach and recognition. By embracing your special local charm and combining it with branding that bucks convention, you gain the power to rise above the online noise and make customers take notice across geographies. Be confident in who you are, be unconventional in how you market it, and success is yours for the taking.