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Five States of Awareness - How to Properly Position Your Messaging

Understand where your customer is in their purchasing journey

If you're looking to grow your small town business online, it’s important to understand where your customers are coming from. The "5 States of Awareness" model by Eugene Schwartz is a simple way to understand this journey.

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Here's a breakdown of these stages and how they can help you boost your online business:

1. Unaware:

- In this stage, people don’t even know there's a problem that needs solving. It's like having a headache but not knowing pain relievers exist.

- What to Do: Share blog posts or social media content that talks about common issues your online shop can solve.

2. Problem-Aware:

- Now, people know they have a problem but don’t know how to fix it. They know they have a headache, but don't know what can cure it.

- What to Do: Write articles or use online ads to show how your shop provides the solutions they need.

3. Solution-Aware:

- At this point, people are looking for solutions. They know pain relievers exist but aren't sure which one to choose.

- What to Do: Share videos or emails explaining how your products or services solve their problems.

4. Product-Aware:

- People know about your product but aren’t sure it’s the right fit. They are comparing different pain relievers to find the best.

- What to Do: Share customer reviews and comparisons to show why your product is the best choice.

5. Most Aware:

- People are ready to buy but might be looking at other options or looking for the best deal.

- What to Do: Offer special deals or make the buying process easy to convince them to choose your shop.

By understanding where your customers are in this journey, you can create online content and offers that speak to them at each stage. This way, you'll attract more visitors to your online shop, and turn them into happy customers, helping your business grow in the busy online market. Tailoring your approach based on what your customers know and what they need can significantly boost your online presence and sales.