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  • Digital Expansion for Small-Town Entrepreneurs: People Are Still People

Digital Expansion for Small-Town Entrepreneurs: People Are Still People

Don't let the screen become an excuse. Get to know your customers.

For business owners in small towns, going digital might feel like a big step. But remember, the heart of business stays the same online: people buy from people they trust. You already have trust from your community. Now, let's show that trust to a bigger audience online.

1. Trust is Key: 

You’ve built trust with your local customers. That's gold! When you set up an online store or use digital tools, bring that trust with you. Talk to your customers like you do in person.

2. Going Beyond Your Town: 

Moving online means you're not just selling to your neighbors anymore. But the good thing is, stories from your business and the trust you've earned can attract people from all over.

3. Being Real Stands Out: 

The internet has a lot of businesses, but many feel faceless. You've got an edge here: you're real, and people like that. So, when you talk to customers online, be yourself.

4. Connect Online Too: 

Just like you know other business owners in town, you can connect with other online businesses. Share tips, ask for advice, and grow your network. It’s like a digital version of local get-togethers.

5. Treat Online Customers Like Neighbors: 

The personal touch you give your local customers? Give that to your online customers too. Send them thank-you notes or offer special deals. It makes a difference.

6. Learn the Digital Ropes: 

Don’t be afraid of digital tools. Websites, online ads, or social media might feel new, but they're just tools to help you. And the good thing? There are tons of guides and communities out there to help you learn.

In short, taking your small town business online might seem big, but it’s a step worth taking. You've got the trust, the stories, and the personal touch that many online businesses lack. With the right digital tools, you can share that with a much bigger audience.